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6 Week Abdominal Reboot

Just in time for summer...

Tuesdays 6:45 pm | May 14th - June 18th


Wednesdays 9 am | May 15th - June 19th

Get started on the path to feeling and looking amazing! 


6 workouts dedicated to your abs (Tues. evenings or Wed. mornings)

  • Why working your abs with a balloon (yes, a balloon!) will change everything.

  • Abdominal exercises that you won't see in a typical group ex. class.

  • Workouts to take home and do on your own.




  • Weight loss versus Fat loss (These are not the same things and knowing the difference is vital.)

  • Why the last 5 - 10 lbs of fat is often the most difficult to lose.

  • How to use your diaphragm correctly for optimal breathing and to get your abs working more.

  • What is diastasis recti and how do I know if I have it? 

  • Abdominal pressure and why it matters.

  • The brain-body connection and how it will help you build muscle.


  • How do "high volume" foods help you lose fat?

  • Do calories matter if I'm eating healthy?

  • What are macros and are they important?

Class size is limited to 6 people, giving you lots of individual attention, in a private, all female environment.

Extra support provided in a closed facebook group to help you make significant changes in just 6 weeks.

Enroll today!

$199. Includes...

  • 6 classes with corresponding pdf workouts to keep

  • Small group support in a private facebook group

  • Nutritional advice (beyond the basics!)

  • The most up-to-date information in abdominal transformation 

ABC Stronger

Strong from the Inside Out

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