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  • Jennifer Penney

You will never get the best results by sticking with only one (type of) workout.

Are you on the road to Nowhere?

I'm a runner, cyclist, swimmer, boxer, skier, golfer, tennis player; it doesn't matter which sport is your "soulmate workout." What matters is that you spend some time doing other types of workouts as well if you are hoping to improve.

First and foremost, everyone should find a type of exercise that they enjoy! Whether that's hitting the pavement for a run or dancing away at your favorite Zumba class, picking an exercise that you love will go a long way in helping you stay consistent. And we all know its consistency that gets results. Not sure? Get out there and test out some different workouts. There is so much to choose from now, don't limit yourself to the cardio machines - try everything! You will find something that speaks to you.

Now, for those of you who have found their true-love exercise. You've been running for years, done more 10k's, marathons and fun-run road races than you can remember? Golfed every course you could imagine? Played in all the tennis leagues around?

If you're looking to make strength gains, compete at a higher level, or just change the shape of your body, you may need to vary what you're doing. Why? Your body is a genius at adaptation and can very quickly adapt to the form of exercise you most regularly throw at it. The quicker your body adapts, the less hard it has to work at that particular activity. This is great when you're first starting out or trying to learn a new skill but after awhile will cause you to get into a rut, constantly working the same muscles and getting less and less of a return on your workout. And leave you more prone to injury.

Of course, you want to keep enjoying your sport. And you should! Just try adding in a few workouts that change things up. If you are a cardio junkie, nothing will reshape your body better (and faster) than weightlifting. Type A? Always in a hurry and rushing through H.I.I.T. workouts? Take a breath and try a stretch and mobility routine. Switching it up once or twice per week will help you strengthen those muscles that may be left behind in your main workout thus making you stronger and less prone to injury.


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