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  • Jennifer Penney

Get Connected!

The number one, most important thing you can do to help your pelvic floor and abdominal muscles is to get connected to them!

Pelvic floor issues like leaking, back and hip pain, and lower tummy struggles can be caused by tight pelvic floor muscles that are overactive but they can also be caused by loose, weak and underactive pelvic floor muscles.

Knowing which you are dealing with will make all the difference in getting your core stronger.

Here's the thing though... no one else can tell you what is happening with your deep inner core muscles. Although a good pelvic floor PT can help you discern what's going on, no one can tell you for sure what your inner core muscles are doing while you are moving around or working out.

The best way to understand what's going on with your pelvic floor is for you to connect your brain to those muscles.

Try some deep breathing down into your pelvic floor. It's best to first try this laying down in a quiet spot where you can tune into your body and really feel what's happening.

Can you feel your pelvic floor muscles moving, relaxing and lengthening on inhale and gently recoiling on exhale? It's subtle movement and you might not feel it right away. That's ok! Keep practicing... Connection is key! Your brain cannot contract a muscle that it doesn't know exists...


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Your core and your pelvic floor are the FOUNDATION of your body!

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