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Are You Ready?

 New Year, New You - 7 Day Challenge

~Let's say goodbye to tired, achy, and overwhelmed!

~Let's say goodbye to the quarantine 15!

~Let's say goodbye to that lower back ache!

~Let's say goodbye to the dreaded "mummy tummy!"


If you are ready to start 2021 fresh and new, feeling stronger than ever and motivated for REAL change, then this 7 Day New Year New You Challenge will get you started off right!

jenn lunge - new year.jpg

JOIN ME! 7 Days of...

Brand New LIVE Workouts! (class schedule)
~Including Stronger Core and Pelvic Floor, my signature group fitness class designed to strengthen your body from the inside out.
~One week of video access included


Daily Meal Makeover - new recipe each day of the week designed to makeover one meal each day.

Mindset Makeover - ALL new changes need to begin with your mindset. This is how to build lasting MOTIVATION!

Challenge of the Day - Each day will include one new challenge that you will do that day and continue to do each following day.

Prizes to be awarded as well!!!

So... are you ready for 2021?


If you want this year to be different than last year
(man, don't we all?) then you have to...



It is UP TO YOU!!

New Year New You Challenge - $21.

Sign up using credit card or Paypal by clicking BUY NOW below...

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