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How to reconnect and strengthen your core and pelvic floor so that your abs look amazing!

Workshop will be held live on Zoom
Sunday, April 11th at 11am (EST)

Learn all about how your core and pelvic floor can (and should) function!
These exercises will absolutely change how your abdominal muscles look (and feel) and function.

You will learn...

~the best alignment for the function of your core

~optimal breathing for engaging your pelvic floor and abdominal muscles

~the best exercises to get ALL of your abdominal muscles firing! (These are NOT your typical gym/fitness class ab routines!


If you are looking for a class where you do 1000's of crunches as well as all kinds of long plank holds and really "feel the burn", then this is not the class for you. We will be learning how to PROPERLY fire your abdominal muscles and create BALANCE throughout your core.



Yes, there will be plenty of exercises included! Plan to wear comfy clothes and you will need some space (about the size of a yoga mat) to move around. This workshop should last approx. 60-90 minutes depending on the number of questions everyone has. 

Stronger Mom, Stronger Abs

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