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Equipment Recommendations

Ready to build your home gym? Or even a small area that you can quickly set yourself up to workout? This equipment is what I use the most often. The majority of it is small and light weight, it will travel well, giving you plenty of options both at home and if you are going away and can be easily stored.


There is no need to buy large machines or cardio equipment that is expensive and takes up tons of room!

These few things have the most bang for your buck. They can be found anywhere, no need to purchase from Amazon. If you want to buy a few things at a time, I'd start with the suspension trainer and the Bodylastics attachable bands. The TRX version of the suspension trainer is not necessary and a generic brand may be cheaper.

If you've been working out for awhile and would like to go "all in" on your home gym set up, then there's a few more things you might want to consider...

  • Dumbbells in various sizes (I like the Amazon basics ones below.)

  • A pull up bar - the one listed below is the bar I have. Its been attached to my gym wall since 2012. Its been used heavily by both myself and my husband and its still in great shape!

  • If you enjoy lifting heavy weights, you may want to consider a rack or half rack with safety bars as well as a set of weight plates, a barbell and an adjustable bench.

Affiliate Link Disclosure

The Amazon links on this page are affiliate links. You do not need to buy from my links, these are only suggestions. I personally bought and tested the majority of these items which is why I'm happy to recommend them. If you do choose to purchase one of the products through my links, I will receive a small commision. Thanks for your support!

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